Scene Two

As Promised … scene two from a short play I wrote in 2008.


(More shinedown lyrics playing.  Spot light on Boy One standing center stage as in beginning of first act. Boy two, Boy three, and Boy four are circling around Boy one as they recite lines)

Song: “One says yes, one says no, Decide – which voice in your head you can keep alive even in madness, I know you still believe Paint me your canvas so I become what you could never be.”


Boy one—I guess this is my rant

Boy two—Oh great, another one

Boy three—you think you know everything

Boy four—have you ever thought that you might be wrong?

Boy one— you say I’m wrong but you can not prove that I’m not right

Boy two—you are so annoying

Boy three—we don’t like your criticism

Boy four—you want to bash what we believe, but what do you believe in?

Boy one—can anyone truly believe in anything?

Boy two—here we go

Boy three—do you ever stop

Boy four—are you going to start talking about all that faith crap again?

Boy one—true faith is being able to live with the fact that you may be wrong, but believing anyway.

Boy two—just give it a rest

Boy three—no one cares, I mean, the more you talk about this stuff, the less people want to be around you

Boy four—we know you don’t believe in that stuff any way.  You’re fooling no one but yourself.

Boy one—unless you are willing to doubt, you are not ready to truly and faithfully believe.

Boy two—I’ve had enough

Boy three—I’m not listening to this again

Boy four—not everyone believes the way you do, you’re going to offend somebody one day

Boy one—(starts to raise voice and gets louder as the line progresses) People say that I’m infringing on their rights and that I am throwing my religion at them, but it’s all just one big oppression to anyone with beliefs, not just mine.

(Boy two, Boy three, and Boy four stop circling and stare at Boy one.  Boy one starts to weave around the three of them) 

Boy one—I am frowned upon when I share what I believe to be the Word of God with others and so the core practice in my religion has been denied to me. I’m not supposed to pray in school because someone might not believe in the same God as I do. Well, I’m not asking them to pray to my God, and I’m not even asking them to listen to ME pray to MY God. I’ve got rights also. I have the right to believe the way I believe as well as practice in the way my scripture asks me to practice, and my scriptures say to spread the Word of God. Do not deny me a commandment of my creator. (Points at each one of the others in turn as he yells) Don’t…you…dare! (lights down)


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