Fur Babies

Wrinkles (my mastiff) just got me out of bed. She was howling …no…singing a song of lament like she was the saddest dog in the world. I go into doggie daddy panic mode thinking she’s dying so I rush in wearing … not enough to deal with a crisis. .. and see that she’s got her head out the doggie door and her little tail curled between her legs and I immediately think its Beaux Duke (my almost eight year old great dane) dead on the back porch and wrinkles must be mourning … well turns out its nothing so dramatic as that … Beaux Doofus is simply loving the cool weather and decided to sleep outside tonight and Wrinkleface wants him inside to cuddle with her so she’s being a drama queen … why can’t I have normal pets?  Do any of you have crazy pet stories? I’d love to hear about them 🙂

As always thanks for reading!



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