Scene Three

As promised, Scene Three 🙂

Scene Three

 (More shinedown lyrics “ I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire Brand my soul and call me a liar I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire I dare you to tell me I dare you to”    

(Lights up, spotlight on Boy two sitting down stage as in beginning of act one. Girl is standing close behind with back turned)

Boy two—Twisted

Girl—(turns toward Boy two) what, what are you talking about?

Boy two—when did our love sour and wilt?

Girl—how can you keep bringing this up? Haven’t you caused me enough grief?

Boy two—the twisted heart can no longer feel

Girl—(kneels behind Boy two and tries to wrap arms around them)   it’s just…

Boy two—(pushes Girl away and stands) I once loved to be in your arms, now I’d rather us not

Girl—(stands as line progresses) It’s not like you were perfect either.  Why can’t you just move on?

Boy two—for when the pain sets in and my throat burns with unshed tears; your hatred washes over me with a cool passion such as I’ve never felt in a lifetime.

Girl—I don’t hate you, but sometimes I feel like I could

Boy two—(shouts) so hate me my Love, hate all that I am so that in this twisted game of pleasure and guilt it’s not your love that makes me breathe each day.

Girl—(soft shock) you still love me don’t you? (Anger)  If you do then why are you treating me like this?

Boy two—it is the fire in your eyes and the hate in your soul…in your eyes that day

Girl—I’ve had all I can stand of you.  You drive me crazy.  I just want to…I just want to…

Boy two—so please hate me

Girl—(yells) I do NOT hate you; (turns abashed) I just don’t want to be around you, that’s all.  (Turns and looks at Boy two) Why do you insist that we stay close?

Boy two—it’s easier to lose you if you know how I feel…for when I look and see how we ended I hate myself

Girl—it’s not all your fault, I did my share of screwing up.  Sometimes I wonder…

Boy two—If you hate me with that same spark we might ignite and cause a flame as to which the world has never seen; a flame of love and a flame of twisted passion

Girl—(yells) Shut up…just shut up.  Your delusions of us ever happening again is starting to wear me out.  Do you really think that this is going to work? What are you really feeling? What is it you really want to say?  Just say it.

Boy two—I hate you my, my love

Girl—(exasperated) god…you know what?  I hate you too.

Boy two—hate me? (Lights down)

Thanks for sticking with it



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