Two Poems


Is such a happy word

To be created by a lie

That everything is good and kind

Selfless and alive

When ants destroy a forest

A bird’s nest or a pie

It’s just an act of nature

Say we, a twinkle in our eye

Yet cognition is the ruiner

Of instinct and the urge

We humans have to conform

To idealists seeking purge

Our hapless little gathering

Should have died out long ago

But this social propaganda

Just will not let it so

We pay the undeserving

Let laziness be king

We’ve swept the true downtrodden

Beneath the eagles wings

Once was mercy now are handouts

And kindness just a scheme

To rid the world of hatred

By hating those with dreams



Emo Love Song

My whole life,
has been built on lies
I just can’t seem to find you
And I”m wondering why

I’ve been so blind
I’ve always needed you there
but when I reach out for you
I grab nothing but air

With my head held high
I stumble around
Acting high and mighty
while I thrash down on the ground

Against time
I need you right here
but when I look around me,
there’s nobody there

I closed my eyes,
and fell for you
I close my eyes
and let you in
I close my eyes
and fall for you still
but when I close my eyes
I die
when I close my eyes
I thrive

Do you guys have any angst filled teenage poems?  I’d love to read them.



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