This one’s for you

To the pastor of the church I grew up in …

To the man behind me in line at a dear friends funeral…

To the parents of my oldest childhood friend …

… this one’s for you.

49 people are dead and more are injured in a senseless act of violence.

When you chose, on mother’s day of all days, to preach on the ‘evils of gay marriage’ did you for one second think your message of hate would go without notice?

When you stood there among the mourning friends and relatives of the recently deceased and exclaimed vehemently your disgust over a gay character in the movie you saw last weekend, did you for half a thought consider the consequences of your infectious attitude?

When you sat three feet from me watching tv did you really feel it absolutely necessary to make gagging sounds and comment on ‘those fag women’ sharing a kiss on the screen?

Well this one’s for you!

Your sermons have been heard.

Your disgust has been noted.

Your hateful speech has been shared.

With bullets and blood your messages ring loud and clear.

With anguish and pain your legacy has been passed on.

This one’s for you …

You who have never tightened your grip on the gas pump … anxiously awaiting the ever looming threat of the rebel flag touting/angry rap spewing vehicle beside you.

You who have never had to hide who you are 24/7 out of fear of those professing to love you.

You who walk hand in hand with your loved one with no second thoughts of who might see.

You who have proudly shown off the products of your sexual activities in wallet sized photos with never a glance of shameful reproach.

You who take for granted every moment you don’t spend looking over your shoulder leaving a date.

You who have not been told time and time again that you are evil … you are bad … you are possessed… you are sinful … all because of who you are and not a choice that you’ve made.

This one’s for you.

And I’m here to say …

I love you regardless and we’re here to stay!

The lesbian who processed your loan …

The gay guy who works down the hall…

The bi couple that you’ve always assumed were straight …

The trans man you’ve crushed on working out in the gym …

The trans woman you asked where she purchased those shoes …

The queer writing this letter to those he holds dear …

We’re not going anywhere.

And we’re here to say … we live on daily for ourselves …

But this one’s for you.


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