Baton Rouge … my home …

​Killing …

Killing people…

Killing people to stop them from killing people…

Killing people for killing other people…

Killing for revenge because killing is wrong…
The vicious cycle of violence will not end until ALL peoples respect ALL other peoples enough to STOP KILLING for any reason. 
Violence begets violence. 

Force will be met with force. 
We’ve been told time and time again by our leadership that we must fight fire with fire … that the best defense is an aggressive offence … that the weak and meek deserve to be crushed and dominated… these are blatant lies of a repressive and power hungry group of evil men and women. 
To put out a fire you use water or remove its fuel. 
The best defence is a rock solid defence. 
The weak and meek are our responsibility to keep safe and healthy.  
Stand up to the violence with peace. 

Call out your racist neighbors.

Call out your bigoted friends. 

Be the voice of reason when they suggest war and retaliation and revenge. 
If you don’t… it’s possible no one else will…
And the world will continue to bleed


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