On Things Remembered

Like my very first memory of being rocked on someones shoulder,

… eating horseflies out of the window sill,

… the feel of mud pies between toes,  fingers… and other places,

… sleeping bags and watching a meteor shower on the trampoline,

… hurricane roller-coasters using the front porch swing,

… playing red rover, and sharks & minnows,

… watching an eclipse through special glasses,

… cutting Savannah’s hair.


Like meeting that first friend I’ve know forever,

… Alisha Boone putting me in a trash can,

… crying in the bathroom so the bullies couldn’t see,

… seeing the first naked people who weren’t my parents,

… not getting to see the simulated moon landing, cuz I wasn’t in my seat,

… being heart broken when she danced with “her cousin,”

… Brandy copying off my homework and getting me my first zero,

… Bridge to Terabithia, “You Lie…you LIE!”


Like holding hands with a boy for the very first time,

… bonding over books and magic in the back of the library,

… waiting for a kiss that never came on New Years Eve,

… seeing her face contort in disgust when she found out about Brad,

… reading a story of my own creation in front of class for the first time,

… finding out my uncle had been shot and killed,

… sitting in Spanish class, watching the plane hit the 2nd tower,

… running a con to get the principal and graduate coordinator to let me have cornrows.


Like moving out of my parents house for the very first time,

… skipping math class to go watch the Nanny,

… having my very own campus stalker,

… wearing pajama pants to class each and every day,

… meeting the girl who would become my wife,

… having the professor (in a class of only 5) let us all sleep through a lecture,

… sweating bullets over my thesis paper… neuro-psychology is neat,

… looking over the balcony, wondering how much it would hurt.


Like that first plane ride to Disney World,

… getting lost in Berlin,

… praying for rain in Mexico,

… zip lining through the treetops of Ecuador,

… watching the volcano puff smoke in Costa Rica,

… quitting my job after the boss sent me home with essay punish work,

… walking down the mountain because snowboarding sucks,

… watching a motorcycle get stolen and the Dresden Dolls rock on Coney Island, NY.


These are the things I’ll always remember.

These are the things I’ll never forget.

They’ve molded me since childhood…

… shaped my past…

…merged into my present …

… and are directing me towards my future.



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