My Brief Love Affair with NY – Day 1

Friday the 26th I woke up at 6:15am with a hollow dread in my stomach.  In almost exactly three hours I would be on a plane out of New Orleans headed to JFK international.  I’d flown 24 times previously but that did nothing to alleviate my fears of immanent death.

Disney,  Miami, Houston, Costa Rica, Germany, Los Angeles, Vegas, Newark, Ecuador, and now New York.

We ate breakfast at the Airport, Flux had a veggie wrap that smelled like cleaning supplies and I had a turkey sandwich that probably didn’t smell any better, before the flight and after an almost uneventful pass through the Touch Someone’s Ass checkpoint…Flux had this nifty knife she kept in her wallet that folded up like credit card … alas, now it’s gone.

The flight left early.  We were on row 2 so there was very little lift and thrust effects to be felt and no turbulence to speak of, so I didn’t have any mini-heart attacks along the way.  My nervous laughter did echo through the cabin a few times courtesy of Jet Blue’s inflight TV service and a 2008 episode of Saturday Night Live with Ben Affleck and John McCain.

We landed a little over two hours later (we made great time) and met Flux’s grandparents outside the terminal. A short twenty minute drive and we pulled up next to the cutest little house I think I’d ever seen.  Built up on a little hill on a trapezoid shaped corner plot, basement and second story, with a pool and screened in gazebo on the side.

They set us up with an air mattress next to the couch and fed us lunch meats on bagels with pickles and olives on the side.

We caught up on the status of how they were faring after Hurricane Sandy and how we made out after Louisiana’s recent flooding and learned all about their house and neighborhood.

After a few hours spent outside under an umbrella on their patio I was taken around to the garage and shown their prized possession, a 1969 Hurst SC Rambler.  One of only 512 produced.  Amid old photo’s, car parts, accumulated junk, and scantily clad women in various calendar’s around the garage sat the blue and orange racing vehicle: ‘Lil Terror.’ After a brief (2 hr) info session, it was time for dinner.


They said I needed to fold it longways, but I’m a rebel and like the crunchy crust with each and every bite, so I folded it crust to tip and it was delicious.

After getting shooed out of the kitchen when we tried to help clean up, Flux and I went down into the basement and played ‘RAMPAGE’ on an old cartridge arcade machine (I won! I think … it was hard to keep track of the score)

Then it was time to plan our next day’s events and figure out which trains to ride.  If you’ve read Train Ride With a Cat Lady you’ll know that a very nice lady taught us how to use the MTA.   Stay tuned for love affair day 2






2 thoughts on “My Brief Love Affair with NY – Day 1

  1. No. The TSA throw all that away. They justify their theft and waste by posting what they “allow” in through their checkpoints… Most of which you can buy ten steps through the gate. Let no one lie to you and claim they are a security measure. They’re a caveat of profit policing there to make money and touch your boobs.


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