17 minutes

An hour a day an hour a day an hour a day an hour a day brain melt time lost Sinners sending losers grinning I’ll never make it never tell I slowly die here then go to hell because the guy who loves me hates my guts and The God Who to save me would be my Destroyer, what a double sided coin he is, she’s a real trashy lady and an abusive dad all rolled up into one big THEY that wants all my attention but none of my companionship.

An hour a day an hour a day an hour a day an hour a day if vampires were real, and I think that they are, they’d suck our lives away leaving a shambling Mindless empty husk of fat and Blood and Bone, leave us to an emptiness that seems so vast and complete that hopeless isn’t even a drop in that great Cosmic bucket, teachers teaching points and morals that get you lost beaten down locked away and unwanted,  bosses using life-sustaining nectar as hostage for blind allegiance to their own greatness, worship oh sheep your Lords and Masters, the ones who signed the paychecks and shovel excrement into your eyes, brown is all you can see, brown and green, green the color of Broken Dreams and therapist couches, brown the color of the trees they’d be more than happy to hang you from, why? because you stepped out of line by being born, you’re born too dark, too gay, too fare, too far from the center of the universe to Matter to The God Who will gleefully torture you for all eternity, no lesson, nothing learned, no Second Chances, just fire and darkness and hatred because the masses sing praise to the child God of narcissism and selfishness and pride and judgement. Calling All Peoples your judgment is now.

An hour a day an hour a day an hour a day an hour a day a Time past when playing was play and not fear and pain when hopes and dreams were actual goals not distractions from the slavery we call Freedom and petulance we call politics an ending is brewing is boiling is about to flash this evolutionary experiment into Oblivion and one finite mushroom cloud reaching into the atmosphere to wipe the stain of humanity away and start over in a thousand years of peace.

2 minutes, 42 seconds


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