Mother’s Day

There have been many times in my life when the second my mouth opened I knew it should have remained shut. There has been a great many more times when I knew I should say something and cowardly chosen to remain silent. Two years ago today I went to church on Mother’s Day; a not altogether uncommon feat for me. I had been raised in the church. I enjoyed going to church: the community, the service, the safety. And sure , among the 30,000 different Christian denominations and the 3,223 different translations of the Bible there have always been disagreements and differences but I had never stepped into a Christian Church, much less my home Church, and felt more unwelcome and unsafe than two years ago today.

Of the almost endless topics for an appropriate Mother’s Day sermon (women in Ministry, Biblical motherhood , a mother’s love and sacrifice , the mother of God Etc.) can anyone guess what twisted and demonic (yes the desert demon is Alive and Well in America today) ignorance and fear was crammed into my ears for an hour? I’ll give you a hint

So to all the mothers out there today , embrace and love your children. Know that you are THE source of compassion, joy, and hope in your child’s life. Know that you were gifted with the power of permanence. At some point in your life you have toiled and labored and bled and wept to bring up a screaming hunk of humanity into this world and absolutely no one can take that truth away from you.

So for the sake of everything pure and holy in this existence be a mother! Ladies no man on Earth has been motherless (that includes JC). You are our strength and our dignity, our wisdom and our kindness. While man has ceaselessly throughout history destroyed and spread death you and your ilk have ceaselessly nurtured and birthed life. You are our compassion and we your heritage. Let no petty, weak, and feeble man stand before you behind a Pulpit and tell you your child, your gift from God, your pride and joy is a broken thing to be cast out, fixed, or subject to shame. That is a lie straight from the deepest and darkest pits of damnation and anyone believing in a Majesty greater has better and Holier (more holy?) work to do on this Earth than this!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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