Woots for being officially on social media as a writer 🙂

I’ve been writing for fun since the seventh grade … finally decided to share a little with the world. Kurby Daniels is a pseudonym derived from the name my mother wanted for me if I’d turned out a girl (Kirby Danielle).

I’m an avid supporter of the LGBTQA community, as you’ll no doubt see in many of my writings and posts. To give myself an accurate label on the spectrum, I’d fall under both the Q and it is debatable about the A, as I identify as a Homoflexible Demisexual (look it up I ain’t your mamma).

I consider myself a follower of the Way of Jesus, though many differ on what that means exactly.

I consider myself to be a Libertarian, as I find the Individual as the highest moral authority on the planet.

I’m working on being able to officially call myself a Librarian (crossies for a MLIS in 2017).

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